This website is made especially so that there is a platform for people who enjoy the Central Avenue festival to check out the latest updates on the event. We do not want fans of this festival to be left behind. As such, we see to it that they are always updated on the latest happenings here.


Through the years, the Annual Central Avenue has evolved. Yes, the target has always been to give tribute to the rich culture and heritage of the place, but this is not usually how big it was. In fact, it only started small. At first, there was just live music which gives joy to the people. There were stores and stalls, but it was never before has been this big. Now, we are bigger than ever and we still continue to grow as people come to us to express their interest in partaking in this annual event. We have never been happier for the show of support. We just hope that we can continue to bring forth the happiness people expect every single year.

If you haven’t been yet to our festival, then it is about time to plot it into your calendar. This is something that you should see even once in your lifetime. We are warning you though. The excitement and fun this event brings are highly addicting. When you try it once, you’d surely want to try it again. The best thing about it is that we keep on thinking of a new gimmick every single year, so we guarantee you that there is a new thing to see every year. You’d never get tired of it. Moreover, you’ll never get bored on what we offer.

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